January 29, 2016

Considering your BFF is your true soulmate, who better to spend Valentine's Day with than your BFF.


Here are seven ideas for the perfect BFF Valentine's Day Date!


1) Dinner! Get dressed up, go all out, and make reservations for a fancy restaurant you've both been wanting to try! Beat your face and dress to impress. Spend hours on your hair and and have a photoshoot when you’re done getting ready. Nothing is better than getting cute, taking a ton of pictures, and spending dinner gossiping and answering tough question, "What should my caption be?"



2) Spa Day! Spend the day getting couple messages and other treatments together; facials, manicures, pedicures and a wax. Of course you have to do this while sipping on something strong to make the day a little more fun. When the time comes, pay for each other's services and tell your BFF how much you love them.

3) BFF Trip! What’s more fun than taking a mini vacation with someone who loves to do the exact same things as you? Nothing! Pack your bags and pick a location; go skiing, visit each other’s families, go to a historical location and learn its history, or go somewhere you've never been even if it’s only an hour away. At each destination plan a surprise for each other and make sure you pick out their outfit for the event.


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4) DIY Night! Invite your BFF or BFFs over and spend the night watching Youtube Vlogs and creating all the things you have been meaning to try. Maybe you can help cut each others jeans, or you can make deep conditioners, create fancy, healthy, or alcoholic drinks, or make some sweet smelling candles. If they music isn’t on and you’re not dancing while you DIY then you’re doing it wrong.

5) Cooking Party! Get your BFFs together and cook! Practice creating your favorite dishes along with dishes that you want to cook for your better half one day. Look up soul food and healthy recipes and get to cooking. Lastly, don't forget to bake a dessert! Everyone invited must bring a bottle of wine, which of course makes the night feel a bit more mature and classy. You have to make sure all bottles are finished by the end of the night!

6) Volunteer! Spend the day giving back in a way that makes you feel great. Visit a group home so you guys can pamper them and build their self esteem. Maybe you should visit a hospital and spread love to patients who may need it. Or even go to the shelter and serve food! Free time spent volunteering is time well spent. The fact that you get to do it with your best friend is the icing on the cake.

7) Make Money! Get some snacks, your planners and computers, magazines, and start planning how you’re going to make money. Who better to help you plan your life and create goals than your best friend. They are the ones who want you to succeed just as much as you do! Help each other create an outline, develop a workout routine, a savings plan, and a goal calenda. Build each other's’ brands so when you reach the top you and your friends are together.

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