January 27, 2016

In 2016 Kerry Washington will appear on our TV screens, but not as Olivia Pope, as Anita Hill in the made for TV movie, Confirmation.


If you don’t know the real life story of Anita Hill, let me fill you in. Hill is a lawyer, activists and professor. In 1956 she was born in Oklahoma and lived there until going off to Yale Law School. It was in 1980 when Hill graduated as one of the very few black students.


The day that changed her life was when she became the legal adviser to Clarence Thomas. In 1991 Thomas became a nominee for the Supreme Court. This is when the day that changed her life became known to everyone. Hill testified against Thomas claiming he sexually assaulted her during the time they worked together.


Kerry Washington has given us life through so many of her characters and she will soon show us a tough time in Anita Hill’s life, the Confirmation hearings.  Wendell Pierce will play the role of Clarence Thomas and Kimberly Elise will also have a role in the movie.


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