Nov. 2 2015

Having a roommate is always a stressful situation at first especially if you don't know them . If you're like me you spend so much time trying to avoid the awkwardness.


Well instead of doing all of that... why not plan ways you guys can bond? For instance:



1) Take and exercise class

Working up a sweat together is always a good idea. Most likely you guys will share the common idea of living a healthier lifestyle.


2) Volunteer Together.

No one says no to charity. Spend time helping others together and bond over how blessed you guys are.


3) Go to a party together.


4) Explore Campus Together.


5) Pamper Each Other

One of you may be a style guru while the other is the beauty queen. Spend time helping each other out so that when you guys step out you're the "baddest in the school"!


6) Study together!

Everyone can use extra study time. Use this time to better each other and share personal funny stories during study breaks. One of you can supply the drinks while the other supplies the snacks.

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